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You may have decided that keeping Stud males is not something you want to do at present but would like to have pregnant females. Artificial insemination is not possible for Alpacas as the females only ovulate in response to the stimulation of mating.

Click on the link below to find out more about our stud male 'Smokey'



Terms & Conditions of Stud Service

When inviting Willow Barn Alpacas to provide stud services, you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated below. In future we may update these Terms and Conditions and it is the responsibility of the client to check on this website to ensure you are cognisant of and agree with any changes or updates.

Mating Service

If you have female alpacas that you would like mated to a quality male, Willow Barn Alpacas now offer a mobile stud service.

Willow Barn Alpacas will bring our stud(s) to your female(s) for mating. It is your responsibility to catch and enclose your alpacas prior to our arrival.  Ideally an enclosed, clean, hard-standing area that has been disinfected or an area of clean, level grass is required for the mating.​

We will endeavour to ensure a successful mating takes place, however, although our sires have been proven to be fertile we cannot guarantee pregnancy of your alpacas. Our stud fees allow for up to three visits in total (mileage not included) to allow the female to be re-mated a further two times if, following the initial mating, she sits during a ‘spit-off’. One of the signs that a female is pregnant is that she will spit at the Stud and/or run away instead of sitting and allowing him to mate.  We can test this by bringing back the stud 14 days after mating. 

Our mating service process is as follows:

An initial visit for first mating, followed by:

A second visit 14 days later for spit-off. If the female does not spit but sits for the stud, a second mating will take place. If necessary this is followed by:

A third visit 14 days after the second visit. If the female does not spit but again sits for the stud, a third mating will take place.

It is your responsibility to determine if the female is pregnant, which is best achieved via a veterinary ultrasound at 6o days after the mating.  If the female in question is not pregnant after the third successful mating, an additional mating can be arranged for an additional fee or she may need further investigations by a vet.

We reserve the right to refuse a service if the female appears in poor health or over-fleeced, or if the area provided is deemed unsuitable or unhygienic.  It is your responsibility as the client to ensure your alpacas are clean and in good condition and must not be under veterinary investigation for TB or any other transmittable diseases.

We affirm that our alpacas are equally not under any such veterinary investigation.


Mileage will be charged at a rate of 50p per mile both ways based on Google Maps. 

Stud Fees

The fees for each of our stud males can be found on their individual webpages. We offer discounted rates for matings with multiple females as follows:

2-3 females – 10% off

4-5 females – 15% off

6+ females – 20% off

Full payment is due before the first visit takes place.

If you are interested in our stud services and would like a tailored quote or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.  

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