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  • Where do they originate?
    Alpacas are ‘camelids’ that are related to llamas, guanaco’s and vicunas that come from South America.
  • How long do Alpacas live?
    18-24 years. The reproductive life-span of a female is 1.5 to 19 years
  • Can one Alpaca live on its own?
    No, are heard animals. So there should be a minimum of 2 together.
  • What do they eat?
    Predominantly grass, they forage and will eat a variety of plants and leaves. They also need a supply of dry fibre such as hay and require some additional supplementary vitamins and minerals.
  • Can they be used to guard sheep and chickens?
  • Do Alpacas spit?
    Yes, they have 3 types of spit… a dry spit, a wet spit and a full on stomach regurgitation spit!
  • How much land do I need?
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  • How much do they cost to buy?
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  • How much do they cost to keep?
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  • Why do people keep Alpacas?
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  • Are Alpacas hard to look after?
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